Monday, December 04, 2006's Modesty Survey

"How tight is too tight for tops? Are jeans with holes in the thighs immodest? Is a purse worn with the strap diagonally across the chest a stumbling block? Are shirts with messages across the front distracting?"
Join other Christian young men and women in's new and exciting project: The Modesty Survey. The Modesty Survey allows any girl to submit anonymous, modesty-related questions to Christian guys and to receive (multiple) anonymous replies. It's the discussion you've always wanted to have.
GIRLS: How To Submit Your Questions
If you are a girl and would like to submit your question(s) for inclusion in the survey, please email them to the Female Survey Coordinator, Katrina Rowe: jesusfreakatrina[at]yahoo[dot]com. They must be received by Friday, December 15th, to be considered for inclusion in the survey.

You really may submit any question provided that it relates to the topic of modesty. Through the Rebelution Forum they have already received over one hundred questions ranging from glitter lotion and painted nails to swimsuits and skirt slits.

While not necessary, I would recommend that you register on the forum and join The Attic, the Girls Only area. This will allow you to be directly involved in any discussions which take place in the process of conducting the survey.
GUYS: How To Get Involved
If you are guy and would like to help respond to the girl's questions please begin by signing up for the the forum and joining the Guys Only area: The Garage. The Garage will serve as "brainstorm central" for the male side of The Modesty Survey.

This is an opportunity for you to serve your sisters in Christ. Many girls are without fathers or brothers to advise them in this area. They need input from godly men regarding what is appropriate and what is not. It is not unlikely that this survey will go on to be widely read and carefully referenced.

On the other hand, as Christian young men in a highly sexualized society, this is an opportunity for you to educate Christian women regarding your inner-battle so that they won't unwittingly contribute to your struggle. If you have ever wanted to tell a girl to go put on a sweater, this is your chance to do so -- anonymously.
Help Make It Happen
Please help us spread the word about The Modesty Survey. Feel free to tweak this post and republish it on your own blog or send it as an email to any friends who you think would be interested in participating. Also, you can place a snazzy sidebar ad on your website or blog.


mcewen said...

I presume by 'girl' you mean under.......what age? 18? 21? or do you just have to be female? Does under 50 count? [just]
I'll be very interested to see the results as I've two 'real' girls myself.
Best wishes

Jane said...

Sure you count :)

I'm sure "girls" of all ages are welcome to send in questions!

~Bryant~ said...

Thank you for letting us know about the survey!
I'm really excited to see the results! :-)

Chelsea said...

I just found this blog through the rebelution and I think it's awesome! I'm really looking forward to the modesty survey.

Anonymous said...

ashley said...
Can I view the results of the Modesty Survey without having to register on the forum? And also, when will the results be available to view? Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog from a link on the rebelution... i LOVE it!! alex & brett are amazing writers and christian young men (and i love the rebelution!), but it's nice to hear from a christian young woman with her head screwed on straight! thank you for your *fearless* contribution.

Michelle said...

You may be interested in this link:

Lydia said...

That modesty survey is one of the best things I've ever come across. I'm so, so glad that Christian guys had the courage to tell us how they really feel!

Servant of the Lord said...

A wonderful site, Thank you for the effort in putting it together. I am a young gentleman who is certainly not afraid to voice my thoughts on the very issue you are talking about :-)
Sincerely, Steven.